• Via S. Martino, 36 - Marlia - Lucca - Italy

Tecnopaper Srl is mainly focused on winding systems technology. The core business of the company is the production of brand new and the rebuilding of winders for Tissue, Kraft, Coreboard and special applications, as well as pope reels, calanders and paper machine parts.
The competitive advantage of the company, making it one of the most dynamic in the paper industry, is the flexibility and optimization of its products and solutions.
Tecnopaper is more than a manufacturer of Winders, pope reels and paper machine parts.
It’s a company with a dedicated customer oriented philosophy, in terms of always delivering tailored solutions, according to each customer’s specific requirements and production needs.
Tecnopaper’s ability to deliver tailor made projects and innovative winding technology products, is a result of ongoing R&D, design and study of solutions, based in understanding the exact customers challenges.
The highly skilled and vastly experienced technical staff of Tecnopaper can undertake the responsibility to offer to its customers, a unique product and a complete range of after sale service.