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TP-Soft Touch, the innovative winding concept of Tecnopaper for Super Soft Tissue

The high deformability of both mother and finished reels creates problems in Rewinding Super Soft high volume tissue grades, if not properly handled.
Tecno Paper has developed, and patented, rewinding solutions purposely dedicated to such “difficult to wind” products. They avoid the Super Soft reels are permanently deformed and the loss of bulk is huge. The last product which comes in to join the family of the TP-Soft Touch equipment is the new Unwinder, designed and developed by Tecnopaper’s technical team. It is fitted with innovative and dedicated drive and control systems for low density tissue reels, thus allowing to reach, and ensuring, high precision, accuracy and productivity for the unwind process on rewinding lines.

TP-Soft Touch Unwinder, the innovative winding concept of Tecnopaper for Super Soft Tissue

The main features of the TP-Soft Touch Unwinder are two large diameter carbon fiber rolls (driving rolls) – independently driven by variable speed motors, sustaining the reel and giving it the rotation movement – and a centre drive assist, still with variable speed motors, that nullifies the rotation inertia, thus avoiding any torsion effect in the structure of the reel. This unwinder offers also a high production efficiency thanks to its automatic functions of reel change and return of the empty spool to a parking station. Its control system with double load cells allows to obtain constant and extremely precise measurement and control of the NIP of the reel on the driving rolls during the entire unwinding phase; the accurate relieving movement is obtained by an electromechanical system.

The TP-Soft Touch Unwinder DOESN’T GIVE any deformation to the tissue reel and it can be installed in Converting Lines as well.

Another important advantage offered by this type of unwinder is that the free paths “A” and “B” (no matter which is the reel rotation direction) are very short and remain the same during all reel unwinding phase.
So they do not represent a factor limiting the working speed of the line.

On traditional “Belt” type unwinders, where the rotation centre is fixed, these two paths increase while the reel diameter decrease, thus reducing the web stability and obliging in many cases to reduce speed or to increase web tension.

TP-Soft Touch Rewinder
Hydraulic type, Closed Loop
Bulk control by means of signals from load cells on chucks carriages and rider roll

TP-Soft Touch – Benefits offered by the innovative winding concept TP-Soft Touch

Reels (mother and finished) fully supported during all the process by full width driving rolls;
Nullification of all the inertia forces thanks to addition of center drive at unwinder;
High precision NIP control thanks to special hydraulic or electromechanical relieving systems, both working in “Closed Loop” mode with constant feedback from the on board sensors;
High operation efficiency thanks to spools and shaft automatic removal and handling;
Minimized bulk loss;
Integration with TP-Win 4.0 e TP-Service. Operartor friendly control system and HMI;
Easy to switch from “Closed Loop” automatic NIP control to “Open Loop” control by curves set in the control system and adjustable by the operator