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TecnoPaper has 4 divisions of winder models: Basic Performance, Standard Performance, High Performance (two model) and Plus Performance.
Solid and well balanced machines, easy to operate, each version is equipped with the highest technology.

Standard equipment
– Modular unwind stands, peripheral belt type, with reel centering
– Automatic empty spool removal
– Winding on cores with expanding shafts
– Automatic winding shafts loading system
– Set web length or reel diameter control
– Automatic finished reel changes
– Unloading table for finished reels
– Shaft puller and winding shaft handling system
– Hydraulic and pneumatic on board plants
– Tangential slitting system (wrap on grooved roll on basic models)
– Manual slitters positioning
– Translating walkway in front of slitting group
– Safety protections
– Wound reel density control
– Accurate relieving system for chucks and rider roll
– Trim removal system
– Operator friendly control system
– Easy access for maintenance

– Automatic slitter positioning
– Visualization of slitter position (when manual positioning)
– Dust removal system
– Calender
– Finished reel wrapping and handling