Tecno Paper as a teacher

Tecno Paper went back to school to teach for a JOB SPEED DATE day in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana this April. The event aimed at matching job supply and demand, and encourage meeting between students and local companies. Tecno Paper was represented by Paolo Baldaccini.

Many local companies answered the school’s request. Students listened to company testimonies and presentations of the single productive visions, one in every classroom. There were students from the fourth and fifth years, as well as graduated students looking for work.

Paolo Baldaccini spoke about Tecno Paper’s activity, its peculiarity, and about how advanced technology is applied to the world of paper production.

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Tecno Paper a Expoacotepac

Tecno Paper at Expoacotepac

On the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of February, Tecno Paper participated to Expoacotepac, the International Congress which has been held in Colombia for 25 years.

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Cartiera San Giorgio

Italia, Genova (GE)  – 2005/2006

Study, design, construction and installation of rewinder for crepe paper at wet, speed 1200 m/min.