Innovative solutions for a more sustainable future

Focus on innovation

New solutions to face energy challenges

Advanced technology and our care towards innovation are also based on our constant research for new solutions for energy challenges.

Tecno Paper’s research and design team is always dedicated to the study of new solutions and strategies, so as to offer cutting-edge machinery that perfectly combines productive efficiency with attention to energy saving.

People at the heart of the future

Not just the environment

For Tecno Paper, sustainability means caring for our environmental impact, as well as facing any challenge involving the future.

These include the creation of a virtuous system for the entire community, with a vision and care which focuses on people and their well-being, on the land and the collective.

This is why among the initiatives that our company puts forward to create value and perspective, social issues are first to be addressed.

Tecno Paper offers its support to the numerous associations we have come in contact with by providing skills, resources, and opportunities in order to generate a positive impact on the community. Tecno Paper addresses its contribution to many areas, including the field of scientific research for the cure of diseases, activities for disabled children and teenagers, sports and recreational sectors, and the promotion and defense of disabled people’s rights.

This is an authentic commitment which represents a great part of our company’s mission, specifically that of creating a work model that is mindful of our planet’s wellbeing in terms of economic, environmental, and social sustainability.


Tecno Paper’s latest blog articles

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Cartiera San Giorgio

Italia, Genova (GE)  – 2005/2006

Study, design, construction and installation of rewinder for crepe paper at wet, speed 1200 m/min.