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Audit at the customer’s location, study, engineering, and design

We have always paid particular attention to the use of technologies and materials which allow the improvement of working conditions, starting from the preliminary study of every reconstruction and modernization. The basis for technological development that can add value to every design solution is to participate with resources and technologies to a constant process of creation and innovation.

Safety certifications

We support our clients with a complete and detailed evaluation of the existing machine, which allows us to determine the most suitable safety measures. We guarantee the necessary operational requirements for the machine’s use and define safe working methods, not only for the operating per se, but also for all the activities necessary for proper functioning, such as maintenance, equipment, and cleaning.

Technical assistance in the paper mill

Thanks to our team of technicians and designers specialized in many technologies, we are able to provide our technological and professional know-how for a competent and efficient consultation of modernization and automation of the winding systems and rewinding lines, or simply to adapt the machinery to the current safety regulations.

Set up, start-up, and training

Our qualified technicians provide their support in the paper mill with all the necessary skills through project management services, set up, start-up, training, and maintenance, carrying with them our vast experience and technical know-how, acquired thanks to our installations all over the world. This includes not only the knowledge of our own machinery, but also other producer’s machinery, which is an essential requirement for any revamping activity on existing lines.

Alignment services

A perfect alignment of the production lines and the machine transmissions is an essential requirement to maintain highly productive performance over time, and to avoid serious damage to the equipment. Therefore, Tecno Paper offers a service of measurement and monitoring of the alignment through laser aligners, high-precision optical levels and theodolites, with the consequent emission of reports specifically for the client which clearly indicate potential non-conformities and include suggestions on how to solve any issues.

After sale

Tecno Paper’s technical staff is highly qualified and experienced, and can guarantee a wide range of after-sale services for our clients. Among these: our technical support, which is fast and always ready to intervene.


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Cartiera San Giorgio

Italia, Genova (GE)  – 2005/2006

Study, design, construction and installation of rewinder for crepe paper at wet, speed 1200 m/min.