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Tecno Paper

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Tecno Paper specializes in the production of pope reels, rewinders and calendars, including the reconstruction and updating of existing ones, for tissue paper, kraft and packaging paper, paperboard and cardboard, special paper, as well as sections of continuous machines and components for the preparation of paper mixture. The company has also developed a new collection of in-line and off- line rewinders for Nonwovens.

Tecno Paper relies on a team consisting mostly of technicians and engineers who work daily on technical planning, assistance and maintenance for paper mills and paper converting companies.


Since 2005 in Lucca’s paper district

Tecno Paper was founded in 2005 by a team of very experienced and specialized technicians and their vast knowledge of this sector’s machinery.

Thanks to their flexibility and ability to optimize the offer based on the client’s specific needs, the company started to stand out over time as one of the models of reference for the paper industry, guaranteeing a specialized and customized technical service in every step of the job.

Why choose us?

Tailored solutions

For our extraordinary capability to identify custom solutions, to design and produce highly innovative and “tailor-made” machinery which is specifically oriented towards our clients’ needs.

Thanks to our experience and our highly qualified team, we can provide products and services that stand out for their excellence.

Tecno Paper is always ready to listen carefully to your needs and turn them into practical solutions.


Paper Board Alliance

Paper Board Alliance is a group of companies that thrives thanks to their experience in producing recycled paper and paperboard.

Tradition combined with high specialization, unique know-how, excellent quality of products and our team’s care towards environmental and sustainability issues are the founding elements of this Group, and make Paper Board Alliance a model of reference in the paper industry.


Tailored solutions

For 20 years, Tecno Paper has been offering innovative products and tailored solutions all over the world.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and offer customized solutions that meet their expectations.


An authentic commitment which represents an important part of Tecno Paper’s mission.


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Second-hand Machines

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Cartiera San Giorgio

Italia, Genova (GE)  – 2005/2006

Study, design, construction and installation of rewinder for crepe paper at wet, speed 1200 m/min.