Tecno Paper
Your needs our innovation

We specialize in the production of pope reels, rewinders and calenders for tissue paper, packaging paper, paperboard, and cardboard.

Why choose us? 

For our ability to design, find solutions, and build “tailor-made” highly innovative machinery.

“We are part of Paper Board Alliance”

PBA is the largest European non-integrated group in the production of recycled paperboard for industrial applications.


In the paper industry since 2005

Tecno Paper was founded in 2005 in the paper district of Lucca, thanks to a team of experienced technicians and their deep knowledge in this field and its machinery.


We operate around the globe

Tecno Paper is committed to designing, improving, and upgrading existing systems in the paper industry.

With our retrofit service, paper companies around the world can experience a substantial technological and performance update without facing expensive machinery replacements.


Customized services and solutions

Tecno Paper is a leading company in the services sector for the paper industry, offering a wide range of solutions to meet every and any client’s needs.

Among these: personalized audits; safety certifications and technical assistance for paper companies; setup, start-up, and training services; after-sales support and professional alignment.


Discover Tecno Paper’s machinery

Tecno Paper features a wide range of specialized machinery for the paper industry, such as rewinders, reel handling machines, winders, dryers, balers, and flat wire machines.

Discover our cutting-edge solutions to meet any paper industry needs.


Tecno Paper’s latest blog articles

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Cartiera San Giorgio

Italia, Genova (GE)  – 2005/2006

Study, design, construction and installation of rewinder for crepe paper at wet, speed 1200 m/min.