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Artificial intelligence at the service of advanced automation, integration and security

Project co-financed by POR FESR 2014-2020 – Action: 1.1.5. – sub action a1 – Call 1 “Research and Development Projects” – Call approved with DD n.  3647 – 04.03.2020 amended with DD n. 5899 – 17.04.2020

Project “Smart Converting 4.0” – Request: CUP 3647.04032020.157000026

R&D project: Artificial intelligence at the service of advanced automation, integration and security of tissue and nonwoven converting assembly lines: smart converting 4.0



Progetto co-finanziato dal POR FESR 2014-2020 – azione 1.1.5 sub-azione a1 – Bando 1 “Progetti Strategici di ricerca e sviluppo” approvato con Decreto Dirigenziale n. 3647 del 04.03.2020, modificato e integrato dal Decreto Dirigenziale n. 5899 del 17.04.2020

Progetto “Smart Converting 4.0” – Domanda CUP 3647.04032020.157000026

Progetto di R&S: L’intelligenza artificiale al servizio dell’automazione avanzata, dell’integrazione e dell’advanced safety delle linee di converting del tissue e del nonwoven: lo smart converting 4.0.

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MIAC TISSUE CONFERENCE – FIRST SESSION 10 October 2018 – time 16.10 – MIAC 2018 Conference Room


10 October 2018 – time 13.40/16.50 – MIAC 2018 Conference Room

Toward the Tissue Paper Mill 4.0

In an increasingly competitive international environment, tissue products have to be produced with increasing efficiency, promptly responding to market demands and new consumer needs. Moving in parallel with the production line, both of the paper mill and of the converting, we will face several critical points of the process presenting the best available technologies to increase performance, quality and process management.


 ore 16.10

TP-Soft Touch – Winding technology for Structured/Super Soft Tissue
Mauro Della Santa – Sales Manager

The demand by the market of Structured/Super Soft Tissue products is constantly increasing. Tissue makers have therefore to handle “low density” reels that are difficult to be processed in rewinding and converting lines. The high deformability of both mother and finished reels is the main cause of problems in rewinding this type of Tissue grades. Tecno Paper has developed, and patented, solutions purposely dedicated to such “difficult to wind” products. They avoid the reels being permanently deformed and the loss of bulk being huge during unwinding and rewinding operations. The last equipment which joined the TP-Soft Touch technological family is the new Unwinder. The main components of the TP-Soft Touch Unwinder are two large diameter carbon fiber rolls (carrying and driving rolls) – sustaining the reel and giving it the rotation movement – and a center drive assist, still with variable speed motors, that nullifies the rotation inertia, thus avoiding any torsion effect in the structure of the reel. The accurate relieving movement is obtained by a mechanical system.


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