In October at MIAC, Tecno Paper presented the new patented TP Soft Touch system dedicated to winding Super Soft Tissue.

The main benefits of this system are:

  • Reels (mother and finished) fully supported during all the process by full width driving rolls;
  • Nullification of all the inertia forces thanks to addition of center drive at unwinder;
  • High precision NIP control thanks to special hydraulic or electromechanical relieving systems, both working in “Closed Loop” mode with constant feedback from the on board sensors;
  • High operation efficiency thanks to spools and shaft automatic removal and handling;
  • Minimized bulk loss;
  • Integration with TP-Win 4.0 e TP-Service.

Furthermore, the TP-Soft Touch Unwinder can also be installed into existing rewinding lines, even if not originally supplied by Tecno Paper (after a survey and a study of Tecno Paper’s technical staff) and into Converting Lines.

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